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When you need a plumber, you want someone who is skilled and experienced. You don't have time to waste on bad service or poor craftsmanship when your home needs attention.

At Homefi, we screen all of our partner plumbing companies so that we can provide you quality workmanship at a fair market price - no matter where you are located.

Our goal is to make sure every client has a great experience with us from start to finish. That's why we take care of everything from finding the right contractor for your job, getting them out there quickly, and making sure they do good work. Click here to get a quote.

Why Choose HomeFi for your Plumbing?

Home plumbing systems are the unsung heroes of the home. Without them, we would have to go without a number of modern conveniences such as hot showers and warm laundry. Therefore why is it so important to make sure that our plumbing is properly maintained? Regular plumbing maintenance is crucial in homes because it will help ensure any problems are caught early on, saving time, money and stress when resolving the issue. If left unattended, plumbing issues can result in more serious water-based problems such as floods and leaks, so by scheduling regular maintenance you’ll be able to keep your peace of mind knowing your system is running smoothly and efficiently.

We know that finding the right plumber can be difficult. You can compare different service providers and choose which one suits your needs.

Our partner technicians are experienced in solving any issue. They are experts at their craft, so you don't have to worry about anything when they're working on your home! Plus, with Homefi, there is no need to schedule appointments weeks in advance - just call us today!

Auburn, Plumbers at the Best Price

We have partnered with some of the best plumbing companies in your area to help your ideal plumber quickly and easily! All of our partners are professionals who will be able to handle your problem in no time. Our partners offer A-class services at a competitive price, and they are committed to providing quality workmanship. So don't wait any longer – contact us now!

Our Plumbing Services in Auburn, NY

Gas line repair/leak detection

The gas line checks must be scheduled regularly to guarantee it is not leaking. Natural gas can catch fire easily and may cause extensive damage to your property, family, and neighbors.

Schedule a gas leak check if you notice

  • an odor,
  • a hissing sound
  • an unexplainable increase in your gas bill.

The gas line specialists examine it with special tools that detect minor leaks and checks.

Call us for a gas line check.

Water leak/mainline repair

Water leaks are fairly common plumbing issues. They can occur due to old plumbing, clogs, corrosion, etc. Leaks can waste many natural resources and can damage your house.

Call here to get all kinds of plumbing solutions 24/7. Our services include:

  • Leak detection
  • Waterline repair
  • Sewer line repair
  • Clogged drains
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Repairing and replacing broken pipes
  • Leakage proofing
  • Repairing the leaking pipes

Fixture replacement

After completing their lifetime, the fixture can cause some inconveniences, such as:

  • Low water pressure
  • No water at all

They may need to be repaired or replaced depending on the situation. Only a specialist can tell you what is the best way forward.

If you face issues like low water pressure, water leak, pipe breakage, etc. - schedule a visit by plumbing technician.

Sewage / Drain cleaning

Drain clog issues are really frequent and also the most irritating ones. They can throw off a really good day and start easily by causing inconvenience in every kitchen and bathroom task. When you notice that multiple drains in your home are blocked, make sure you get a plumbing check-up schedule. This is because it is often due to an underlying issue that the drain disturbs so frequently and in multiple locations. The main reasons for frequent drain blocks are :

  • Mineral build ups in pipes
  • Grease build-up in kitchen
  • Flushing papers and other unsuitable material

Hard water treatment

Hard water causes many inefficiencies. E.g.:

  • Problems in washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters. It can lead to clogged pipes,
  • Bad tasting coffee,
  • Spots on utensils.
  • Consumption of it may lead to diseases.

Essentially, hard water is too saturated in calcium and magnesium, which can cause all these problems with its use and consumption. You can get your water treated easily using a nearby plumbing service.

Our partner plumbers give you the best solutions to choose from; click here to avail them.

Slab leak repair

A slab leak is a major plumbing issue that can cost a hefty amount to be repaired. With slab leak comes its side effects like cracked walls, damaged flooring, high water bills, etc . You must always get a plumbing check-up done if you notice anything that resembles these symptoms.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

We have the best partners when it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovation. Their expertise can aid you in your dream bathroom and kitchen renovation project. There are numerous reasons you may decide to remodel your kitchen and bathroom.

  • You may have purchased a new house
  • Adding luxurious touches like under-counter lights, contemporary faucets, epic showers, etc.
  • Getting rid of recurring plumbing issues.
  • Increasing its functionality
  • Maximizing the space
  • You feel the style has outdated

Be it any reason, our experts will design each detail according to your taste and offer you the best budget-friendly solutions. Click here for a quote and visit.

Waterline repair/ replacement

The main water line of your home can last for more than 50- 70 years. Post this time, it is certain for you to have a couple of drain clogs, pipe breakages, and leak problems. This is because plumbing lines wear with the water flow and the minerals present.

Damage in the waterline can manifest as :

  • Slab leaks
  • Mold growth
  • Puddles
  • Cracks in walls and foundation

Hydro jetting

Continuous build-up of gunk in your pipes can result in drain clogs which can cause water backups and pest infestations.

If you see these issues in your home, make sure to schedule a hydro-jetting service. It can clear the gunk using high water pressure, and the smell from your drains can vanish just like that, along with the problems.

Sump pumps

A sump pump may be your best investment this year if your house's basement tends to flood. It is because the sump pump directs water from your basement to the drain, saving you from mildew, seepage,, and infections.

Call here to get a new pump installation at home today.

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